The Good Medicine of Laughter

"A merry heart does good, like medicine,
But a broken spirit dries the bones." Proverbs 17:22 (New King James Version)

Sometimes we just need to laugh. Have you ever been in the midst of a trembling moment of sorrow threatening to overwhelm you and something strikes you as hilarious? I have laughed through my tears many times and have been amazed at the immediate change in my attitude as the endorphins in my brain kick in. My extended family has been in the throes of grief for the past three months as we have had to say a long goodbye to a loved one.

My posts here on this blog have been more serious than fun. For those of you who might not know me, I would like to assure you that I can have fun! I do laugh-alot-and I do not always sit around and think deep thoughts! It's just that the start of this blog and the sad events of my personal life have collided. I am trusting the Lord that His timing is perfect.

My wonderful husband has often said that our three children were born to teach us. I have never seen God's heart as clearly or been more drawn to Him as my Father than through my experience of motherhood. Absolutely profound and hysterically funny words have come out of my children's mouths. Because I was just trying to make it through my exhaustion in the early days of having three babies aged three and under, I didn't always appreciate or record all of the sage words of wisdom uttered by my three little teachers. Thank the Lord, my sister Nicol did. About a year ago, she sent me two emails of all the phrases she had copied down into a notebook that my children had said. I know you had to be there to understand how funny they were at the time, but I am hoping you will laugh along with me. Chase, Jordyn, and Jenna, you are my greatest treasure besides your incredible daddy. I love you with all my heart.

"I have to put eyebrows on him!" Jordyn's explanation, age 2 or 3, for running off with Chase's drawing of a dinosaur.

"Mom, your breath reeks!" (I promise you that he said "reek!")
"Like what?"
"I don't know, but it's terrible. I have never, no, not never, smelled anything so stinky in all my life!" --Chase, 4 years old

"But Mama, I'm still hungry!" Chase, age 5, after I explained that he could only have one square of bread from the communion plate.

"Mama, he said I have baby toys! That's why I did it!" --Chase, 3 1/2, explaining why he bonged the neighbor boy over the head with a stick.

"Jenna, you keep eating the icing at this rate, and you're not gonna have enough left for all the cupcakes for your birthday party at school!" I fretted.
"That's okay. I'll just give the ones without icing to the boys I don't like!" Jenna, age 5
(Oh, haven't I thought the same thing?! She was just brave enough to verbalize the thought!)

"Yeah, well big adults get spanks, too. From God! And His are a lot worser than yours!" Jenna, age 3 (Amen to that, sister!)

"I forget you, Chasey. I forget you." (Meaning, "I forgive you.") Jordyn, almost two years old. (Jordy girl, may Jesus let me do the same to the hurt someone causes me.)

"It's okay, Mama. You're going down the right path." Jenna, age 4 (after I had to apologize for my angry voice while correcting her).

Let's laugh today. Let's leave those crushed bones caused by the sadness of whatever we are facing, if only for a moment, and rejoice in the fact that we are accepted by the One whose opinion of us matters most! Thank you, Jesus, for the good medicine of laughter!