The One Thing I Can Give

"If you love Me, you will obey what I command."
John 14:15

What can God not have unless I give it to Him? This is the same God who spoke the worlds into existence. He is everywhere at all times and always has been. He was never born. He will never die. He cannot be unfaithful, evil, or falsely represent Himself. A God with that power should be able to take whatever He wants, whenever He wants, right?

Do we know what He really wants that He cannot have unless we give freely give it? Our obedience. He has given us free will and the right to withhold our hearts from Him. He is denied the one thing He wants the most--our hearts. He will not force Himself on us, though the ocean waves have to obey the boundaries He has drawn for them on the sand. He stores the lightning and sends it forth to do His bidding. The very rocks would give Him praise if we don't give Him praise.

Never is the heart of God more evident than in those things He does not demand, though He could. He has every right to demand that I live for Him. But He gives that decision to me. He is tender enough to wait patiently for me to come around. He is a true Gentleman. He never says, "I told you so," in a condemning way that crushes my hope of redemption.

Today, my sweet sisters, let's give Him the only thing we can--our obedient hearts. It doesn't matter what shape they are in. The more broken and battered, the more that heart will display His majesty when His glorious healing is seen. We can give Him money, lip service, and time. But our hearts may be what we have never relinquished. Until we do, we will never really know Him or love Him the way He wants to be loved the most.

Jesus, for so many years I foolishly thought I could make You love me more if I acted a certain way, said the right things, and even worked for You. I was scared to death to relinquish to You what You wanted the most--my bleeding, black heart. And what You have done, the stuff You and I have worked through and continue to work through, is nothing short of miraculous. My question now is why did I wait so long to obey You in this area? Although I came to You haltingly, I now know that my heart has never been more whole or life so satisfying since I gave You the only thing I really could--me.