Living With Unmet Desires

It is with great anticipation that I announce that my second book, a women's bible study, will be released by Word in November 2009. The title is Living With Unmet Desires: Exposing the Many Faces of Jealousy. This has been a project that I have worked on and prayed over these many months. It is an offering to the Lord and I look to Him for whatever may come.

This is the description of the study on the back cover:

Has living with unmet desires ever frustrated you? Perhaps you have puzzled over the underlying cause of anger, bitterness, or strife within your personal relationships, not recognizing jealousy’s disguised face. In a culture which tells us we must have more to be accepted, have you ever been a victim of jealousy’s lies, either as its perpetrator or its casualty? Join Shawn Lantz as we explore this topic in an in-depth Bible study of the life of King Saul. We will examine the downward spiral of an individual who had everything and threw it all away. Hope abounds as we encounter individuals within the story of Saul who found a way to live victoriously with their unmet desires by making Godly choices along the way. This nine-week
study includes personal, daily assignments conducive to group Bible study.

Word has graciously provided a two week sample of the book at the following website:

I would love to have your feedback.

Thank you so much for going along on this journey with me.

In Jesus' Name, Shawn