"As iron sharpens iron,
So a man sharpens the countenance of his friend." Proverbs 27:17 NKJV

I spent my morning with a new friend of mine over a cup of tea and banana bread. As I walked away from the house, my heart felt lighter with the reminder of how refreshing it is to my soul to be transparent with someone who is striving hard to follow after Christ. The longer I live, the more I realize that no one has it all together. And when I try to appear like I do have it all together, I am offensive to others. Deep down, girlfriends, none of us want to be around someone who tries to be perfect because we know that she is not being real and honest with herself or with us. There is such freedom in bearing one another's burdens, crying, and praying together over the fight we are in to cross that finish-line to win the prize that is awaiting us in heaven one day.

I can so easily lose my perspective when I am not in community with other people. Either I am burdened under a load of self-condemnation or my pride can run away with me when I am not accountable to other people I trust. Either end of the spectrum equals self-absorption and is very unhealthy for me. I need others to sharpen me, encourage me, and call me to account when I am out of line.

My friend and I left our time together with the idea of getting a group of women together who are desperate enough for God's blessing to be truly transparent in our struggles with each other. There is only one perfect Savior and we are inviting Christ to be the center of the group. It's been a very long lesson for me to learn (and I continue to have to learn it), but it is only in my weakness that Christ's power can shine through my imperfections. It's okay to admit that I don't have it altogether. Everyone knows that already! Life is hard; transparency is where growth happens and I want to keep growing. Thank you, Lacey, for our delightful morning together!

Jesus, thank you for girlfriends who love You so much. Life is easier because of the blessing of friendship. May You be the center of all of my relationships with others.