For the Love of an "Upside Down" God

"For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many."
Mark 10:45 (NIV)

The Bible tells me that my Creator's ways are not mine nor are my thoughts His thoughts (Isaiah 55:9). I can see the absolute truth of those facts in the following ways:

Who else could proclaim worlds into existence with the spoken word and be silent before men who were wrongfully accusing Him?

Who else keeps the lightning and wind of the storm in His storehouses and willingly hung on a cross He didn't deserve?

Who else is huge enough to fill the entire universe and is able to fill a being made of dust without overwhelming him or her?

Who else hates sin so ardently yet became sin for the world?

Who has the power to destroy His enemies with the breath of His nostrils but irresistibly drew little children who loved to sit on His lap?

Who loves with a jealous love so ardently yet without a trace of darkness about His person or motives?

Who exalts the weak and poor, yet opposes the proud and is not impressed by anyone's bank account?

Who is the King of angels yet chose before the foundation of the world to take on human flesh with all of its frailties?

Who could have commanded 10,000 angels to come to His rescue, yet chose to be beaten, spit on, scorned, and mocked?

Who could demand my devotion and worship, yet leaves the choice to me because He desires my obedience and gives me free will?

Who will come one day on a white horse called Faithful and True to exact justice but chooses until then to be the Savior of boundless second chances?

Who can take my shattered dreams and bring my healing from the very circumstances that caused such devastation?

Who tells me the best is yet to come and to have no fear because He will never leave me or forsake me?

Who shames the wise with His "foolishness" so that no one can boast before Him?

Who never had a marketing or P.R. firm behind Him while He was here on earth, yet will one day have all on the earth and under the earth and in the heavens recognize Him as Lord of all?

Oh, my sweet girlfriend, are you living your life for the love of the God of scandalous, extravagant grace and untold mercy? His name is Jesus Christ and He longs to be your Savior. If He is your Savior, is He your Lord?

Jesus, the only reason my mind views Your actions as upside down is because I have such a finite, limited view of You. My being cannot understand why You have done what You have, but I pray for a heart that never ceases in its desire to live for Your love. Your love is captivating because, in Your perfect holiness, You should not have loved me, an unworthy sinner who falls short of Your glory. My heart wells up in devotion that I cannot express that You would pay my ransom. I love You.