12 Reasons I Am Crazy About Him

I had such a skewed view of who God was during my college and young adult years. Because I was involved in some things I was deeply ashamed over, I became afraid of Him. I just knew He was waiting to zap me, that He could never use me, and that I would never be able to conquer the sickening cycles of sin that I was involved in. I seemed trapped. I would cry tears of remorse, but not be able to stop myself from returning to sinful patterns. I had become convinced that I would always be that way - never a victor, always the victim of my foolish choices.


I was thinking today of why I love Jesus Christ so much - of what He offers me that I cannot find in any other human being. I am absolutely stunned by Him and how He has changed me from the inside out. Here are twelve huge truths that He has personally revealed to me that make me want to devote my life to Him:

Jesus is thrilled to spend time with me everyday, anytime.

Jesus does not run away from my neediness, but relishes me giving it to Him.

Jesus not only forgives me; He does not remember my sin against me.

Jesus always knows the BEST way and the BEST answer to any problem I face.

Jesus redeems what was meant to harm me to give my life a purpose and a ministry to others.

Jesus owns the earth and all that is in it. He will provide for me.

Jesus bottles my tears and writes each one down. He fully understands the reason for my tears even when I do not.

Jesus favors no one; yet everyone (including me) is His very favorite.

Jesus sees me in the dark. I am never invisible to Him.

Jesus will never leave me. He will never tell me that our relationship is over.

Jesus is enthralled with me. He doesn't just like me, He is crazy about me.

Jesus could not imagine heaven without me, so He died and rose again to provide a way for me to be with Him forever.

And that's why I am crazy about Jesus Christ.