When Moses asked God whom he should say had sent him to deliver the Israelites from their bondage, God replied,

"Tell them I AM has sent you."

So much of life is spent looking back at what once was. I long for days when there was no financial threat, when neighborhoods were one big park where kids could play until dark without adult supervision, and I didn't have to eat so little and exercise so much to maintain my weight.

How thankful I am that God did not call Himself, "I WAS."

So much of life is spent looking at what is to come. Discontent with the present makes me miss out on living today. I add worry lines to my forty-something face because I borrow trouble from tomorrow and project the lie that God's grace will not be sufficient for the days yet unknown to me. I keep looking for the next stage of life because the one I am currently in has too many unanswered questions, restlessness, and impatience over wanting tomorrow today.

How grateful I am that God did not call Himself, "I WILL BE"

but rather

I AM...

...present today with just the right amount of grace you need.

...going to give you your daily bread, but not bread for tomorrow because I long for intimacy with you.

...your Comforter for the pain that is so deep no one else knows about it but you and Me.

...your Redeemer for the shattered pieces of life that you are helpless to put back together.

...your firm Foundation on which you will not be moved.

...your Healer who rises to show you compassion and knows what healing is best for you and My glory.

...going to bind up your broken heart because I bend My ear to your cries.

...your Tear-catcher. I have them all written down in My book and bottled. They are precious to Me.

...your Deliverer. No one can snatch you from My hand that works salvation for you. Not even hell itself.

...there in your past, ordering and ordaining your future, and here right now in your present.

I AM has sent you.

Jesus, may that knowledge be enough!

"I AM" by Nichole Nordeman from her CD "Woven and Spun" (one of my favorites!)