A Lesson in Favoritism

God's Word is limitless in its ability to transform me and to open my eyes to what I was blind to before. He has a way of stepping all over my toes. One of the most dynamic discussions my pilot group had this summer was concerning the devastation caused by favoritism in our families. There is hardly a more fertile place for bitterness and an inability to forgive to grow than in this area.

If you and I ever wanted to read a Biblical story that highlighted dysfunction in a family, and how God redeemed despite deep hurts, the story of Joseph and his family is one we have to study. Favoritism was blatant in each generation of Joseph's family, starting with his great-grandparents, Abraham and Sarah, continuing on through his grandparents, Isaac and Rebekah, and touching his father, Jacob, and Jacob's four wives. It caused utter destruction in the life of Joseph.

Our culture is obsessed with appearance and wealth. If I brought my Congolese family here to the United States, I know that they would be horribly misjudged by their lack of fashion, shabby clothing, and personal hygiene practices (if you have to decide between eating and buying soap, deodorant, or toothpaste, food always wins out).

Yet these beautiful poor are some of the richest people who have ever walked this earth because they know where their Help comes from--a truth that can be hidden from me because of a job, a bank account, a house, or a comfortable lifestyle. They are rich in faith--the one thing that pleases God above all else.

The Lord was gracious to show me how He sees what is truly valuable in a real-life experience that happened on our mission station. I hope that you will spend the next two + minutes with me to hear how He taught me why favoritism has the potential of robbing me of His blessing.