For Aliyah Rose

To My Darling Aliyah,

One year ago today, Jesus revealed one of the greatest gifts He has ever given to our family in your birth. You have touched me in ways I cannot begin to describe. You have taught me so much about how the Lord loves precious, pure hearts.

Your daddy has been crazy, absolutely crazy, about you from the moment you arrived. It has been such an awesome thing to see him holding you, loving you, encouraging you, and celebrating every milestone you have reached (and you have reached them all!). And I have looked in wonder at the love affair going on between you and your six foot four daddy from afar as the Lord has whispered to my soul:

Shawn, look at Aliyah. She never doubts her daddy's love. She never questions if it is as much as it was the day before. She basks in it. She thrives in it. She expects it. She utterly depends on it.

Why do you doubt My love for you?

And so, my sweet niece, without saying a word, you have taught me more about unconditional love from my heavenly Father than any other person on earth. You are pure joy. Pure sweetness.

Happy birthday, my darling Aliyah.

All my love,

Aunt Shawn