Interview With Kirk Cameron on the Trinity Broadcasting Network and my California trip

One of the exciting opportunities God gave me on my recent trip to California was to be interviewed about my ministry on TBN with Kirk Cameron which aired last night on the network. Kirk was a gracious and funny guy who loves Jesus Christ with all of his heart. Very down-to-earth and personable. He made me feel right at home. He was very engaged as he asked me questions on the show. I am very thankful for the opportunity.

To watch my interview with Kirk, click here and fast forward to the 1 hour, 5 minute mark:

I also got to be part of a fabulous weekend with Ventura Baptist Church as I taught on biblical forgiveness. There is a visible struggle on the faces of the precious women in the audience during the first session of the retreat because of the subject material. I have wished so often that I had a lighter message, that I could be funny and have women forget the pain in their lives. I shared that with the group and a young 20 something said, 

"Shawn, the message that the Lord has asked you to give about forgiveness is life-changing. Laughing has its place, but digging down to real heart issues is necessary, too. Please don't feel like you have to be someone else."

She cannot know how her words have encouraged me and how the Lord has used them in my life. 
My precious friend, Karen. 
My dear friend, Teri, on the right with her sister and part of the wonderful team that had me in. 
We did manage to have fun during the retreat as well!

This is the group of amazing women that weekend. God's presence was so evident and I praise Him with all of my heart as women left with real hope over their own struggles with forgiveness. 

I also got to meet up with a dear friend from high school and the DRCongo while I was there. I spent a wonderful afternoon with Lora Swanson Williams. 

Thanking the Lord for all He did and will continue to do! Blessings to you all!

Sweet reunion!